How do you use a fire extinguisher correctly?

In the event of a fire, the PASS technique can help you remember how to use a fire extinguisher correctly.

Step 1  Assess the fire 
Step 2  Make sure you have an escape route. 
Step 3  Keep safe distance (6-8 feet away from fire) 
Step 4 PASS
PULL Pull the pin at the top to break the tamper seal.
AIM Aim the nossle at the base of the fire. 
SQUEEZE Squeeze to discharge
SWEEP Sweep the nozzle side to side continuing to aim at the base of the fire


Warning: A fire extinguisher should only be used to tackle a small fire. If the fire has taken hold of a room, exit immediately closing the door behind you. Warn others and evacuate the building. Call 999. Do not re-enter. 

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