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The Thermistek FS1226-T heat alarm provides quick detection of rapid temperature increases. Its reaction to heat rather than smoke makes it ideal for installation in kitchen areas and garages in order to avoid false alarms caused by cooking and vehicle fumes.

Thermistek technology constantly monitors for temperature change. If a temperature increase is detected, and predicted to exceed alarm trigger threshold, the alarm will trigger.

Make it wireless by inserting a Smart RF Module to interconnect up to 50 Smart RF devices within 35m with simple 2 step process.

Add a FireAngel Connect Gateway to monitor and manage your fire safety network. Get real time alerts on your dashboard, email or mobile.

Key Features 

  • 10 year sealed for life Panasonic battery
  • 5 year warranty
  • Certified to BS 5446-2
  • Thermistek heat sensing technology - detects rate-of-rise in temperature
  • Single Test and hush button feature
  • Smart RF Ready

Watch this video to help you link your Smart RF Alarms