FireAngel 10 year Thermoptek Smoke Alarm | Smart RF Ready

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The FS2126-T Smart RF Thermoptek multi sensor smoke alarm from FireAngel provides quick detection of both fast-flaming and slow-smouldering fires.

Make it wireless by inserting a Smart RF Module to interconnect up to 50 Smart RF devices within 35m with simple 2 step process.

Add a FireAngel Connect Gateway to monitor and manage your fire safety network. Get real time alerts on your dashboard, email or mobile. 

Thermoptek multi-sensor alarms have a much faster response time over traditional single sensor fire alarms and are also much less prone to nuisance alarms giving occupants more time to escape should a fire occur.

Key Features 

  • 10 year sealed for life battery
  • Thermoptek optical smoke sensor
  • 5 year warranty
  • Remote, automated reporting of alarm sounder status via FireAngel Connect
  • Intelligent alarm status monitoring - without intrusive standby LED
  • Locate feature - silence all but initiating alarm in network
  • Certified to EN14604:2005
  • Smart RF Ready


Watch this video to help you link your Smart RF Alarms