FAQ | Connected Home

Why buy connected alarms?

Connected alarms give you the best chance of escape as all alarms sound when there is an activation. The next level of protection is having your smoke, heat & carbon monoxide alarms connected to the cloud which gives you real time notification for added peace of mind. 

The FireAngel Smart RF specification products we range come with a 5-year warranty as standard and a 10-year sealed lithium battery. Ideal for every home but comes into its own for assisted living and landlords.

What is Smart RF? 

Smart RF is the term used to describe the 'radio frequency' technology that connects your alarms. By fitting a Smart RF module to any 'Smart RF Ready' product you can create a wireless network of up to 50 devices. Each interlinked alarm communicates continuously across the meshed network to monitor for fire or carbon monoxide (CO). When smoke, heat or CO is detected, the Smart RF module signals all connected alarms to create a fast response alert throughout the property. 

How do I link my FireAngell Connect alarms?

How to Learn-in

Install Alarm 1 as described in the product manual. Install the base plate for Alarm 2 in one of the recommended locations.


  1. Using a ballpoint pen briefly push and release the 'learn button' on the back of Alarm 2. The red LED next to the learn button will flash briefly then light up for approximately 5 seconds.



  1. During these 5 seconds you need to briefly press the test button on Alarm 1 to wirelessly interlink the two alarms. Alarm 1 will give an audible sound consisting of two cycles of three loud beeps.



  1. The red LED on the wireless module of Alarm 2 will flash to indicate that it has been ‘learned-in’ successfully. If the test button is not pressed quickly enough, the ‘learn-in’ process will fail. If this happens, repeat the process.


To complete the installation, fit Alarm 2 onto its base plate. Additional alarms should be ‘learned-in’ in the same way. When ‘learning-in’ additional alarms, any alarm already in the network, can be used as ‘Alarm 1’. You do not have to ‘learn-in’ to every alarm in the network.


Watch this video to help you link your alarms. 

What is the battery life of the FireAngel Connect range? 

10 year sealed lithium battery. 

What is the warranty on the FireAngel Connect range? 

We offer the FireAngel Specification Smart RF range that comes with a 5-year warranty as standard.