FAQ | Fire Blankets

Warning: A fire blanket should only be used to tackle a small fire. If the fire has taken hold of a room, exit immediately closing the door behind you. Warn others and evacuate the building. Call 999. Do not re-enter. 


Where should I store my fire blanket? 

Fire blankets should be placed in easily accessed areas where fires are most likely to happen. Ideally locate your fire blanket as close to the kitchen as possible. It is recommended to have a fire blanket on every floor. Make sure that everyone knows where the fire blanket is stored and knows how to remove the blanket from its canister.

How does a fire blanket work? 

Fire blankets are made of fire-resistant silicone coated glass fabric. They work by excluding air from the fire in order to extinguish. Essentially smothering the fire. 

Can a fire blanket be used to extinguish fire on a person? 

Yes, a fire blanket can be effective where a persons clothing is on fire. In an emergency get the person who's clothing is on fire to stop, drop and roll. Wrap the fire blanket around the person to smother the fire.