FAQ | Fire Safety Awareness

Question: What causes a fire? 

For a fire to start it needs a source of ignition (heat), a source of fuel and a source of oxygen. A fire occurs when the three elements are present and combined in the right mixture. A fire can be prevented or extinguished by removing any one of the elements. For example, covering a fire with a fire blanket blocks oxygen and can extinguish a fire. 

Fire Triangle below:


What should you do if you or a child’s clothes catch fire?

Use the STOP, DROP and ROLL drill.

Stop what you are doing.

Drop to the ground, cover your face with your hands.

Roll over, back and forth to allow the ground and not your hands to suffocate the fire.

A fire blanket can be used by placing it over the person and continue STOP, DROP and ROLL.

Warning: Only use STOP, DROP and ROLL drill if clothes have caught fire. When teaching children the drill, it is essential to stress this point. Children using this method in the wrong circumstance could be very dangerous, for example, if a smoke alarm sounds and they should evacuate.