Monza First Aid Kit | DIN 13164 | Holthaus Medical

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Monza DIN 13164 First Aid Bag

This first aid kit contains recommended first aid contents for the Irish PSV & taxi safety kit. 

  • 5-cornered first aid bag made of nylon with zipper.
  • HSA Compliant for PSV Irish Taxi First Aid Kit

Ideal for employees or tourists travelling through Europe the UK.

Holthaus Medical was founded in 1924 in Germany and have been manufacturing surgical dressings for more than 90 years now. Among others the company specialises in producing motoring first aid. 


1 Pair of steel scissors 14.5cm
1 Adhesive plaster tape 5m x 2.5cm
6 Sterile non-woven swab 10cm x 10cm
2 Non-woven triangular badge 96 x 96 x 136cm
2 Sterile first aid dressing sheet 40cm x 60cm
1 Sterile first aid dressing sheet 60cm x 80cm
1 Sterile compress dressing with pad 10cm x 12cm
3 Sterile compress dressing with pad 8cm x 10cm
2 Conforming bandage 4m x 8cm
3 Conforming bandage 4m x 6cm
1 Emergency foil blanket 160cm x 210cm
8 Adhesive wound dressing plasters 10cm x 6cm
4 Disposable gloves
1 Information sheet
1 Guidance leaflet