Moyne Roberts Foam Fire Exinguisher 9 Litre | MF-90

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Foam Fire Extinguishers are suitable for use on Class A & Class B fires. Flammable Liquids & Material fires. Moyne Roberts fire extinguishers are manufactured to European standard BS EN 3 under a strictly controlled quality system to ISO9001:2008. and come with a 3 year manufacturer warranty. 

General Specification

Design Standard: EN3

Type: Stored Pressure

Working Pressure: 13.5 bar

Safety valve: 22/27 bar

Finish: Epoxy Polyester Gloss Schrader valve for independent pressure checking.

Material Specification

Cylinder: Steel with polyethylene lining

Valve: Brass with steel levers

Hose: Black reinforced P.V.C

Hanging Bracket : Steel zinc plated


Product Codes

Extinguisher complete: 02130009

AFFF concentrate: 10010608

Declared nominal mass of extinguisher 14.30Kg (including hose, nozzle & contents)

Model          MF-90
Capacity  9ltr
Fire Rating 21A/233B
Duration  45 sec
Height  623mm 
Diameter  180mm
Width  195mm 
Pack weight 14.5kg 
Carton Size 630x190x190